A Lifeway of Body Literacy

I found Fertility Awareness by happy accident, in a used book store in 2014.  Reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler changed my life; it emancipated my body from hormonal birth control, as well as the fear that came with feeling utterly disconnected from my body. 

After several years' successful practice with the method, during which countless friends came to me with questions about their own menstrual health, I knew this was a gift I had to share with others professionally.  I was accepted into The Well School of Body Literacy, and am on track to graduate in 2022 with my cohort of amazing FA educators.  

Once certified, I will be able to help you with charting your own cycle, balancing your hormonal health, and liberating your relationship with your own body - at all stages of life.  This work is available to anyone who lives in a body that menstruates, regardless of age or gender identity. 

If you live in a body that cycles, you deserve to know how it works, what your resources are, and that you are a living expression of love in this brilliant body!  I am so excited to work with you in the future.