We honor you as you are

At Shakti Feminine Movement, we strive to create a safe, non-judgmental space for people to honor their Feminine.  

While our clientele are commonly cis-gendered women who identify as female, we agree that no one can define another’s experience of gender. In our classes we seek to use language that honors all humans, whether cis-gendered, trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming (we love non-conformists)

We endeavor to be the best allies we can to BIPOC.  We recognize that people of color, especially womxn of color, deserve a space to feel safe and free to celebrate themselves.  We acknowledge the history of genocide and oppression, and hope that the work we do here serves to heal the land and all those who have been directly affected by colonization.

We recognize that all bodies are beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful.  All shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome, and we endeavor to make our movement offerings as accessible as possible.  If you need accommodations, please share with us what you need so that we can best serve you.

We also carry deep honor and respect for the lineage and historical significance of being a woman and all that this entails.  We recognize that the history of oppression is a shared experience that must be recognized for its impact.

We acknowledge that we are living through a time of rapid evolution regarding these topics and are still learning the impact of these changes.  We will strive to reduce harm, remain curious and understanding of varying truths.  We will seek to be observant and learn from this time of transition,  tracking the impact of our choices and our words. 

Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated in this sacred space.

*Gratitude to Sarah Bly of the Well School of Body Literacy for inspiring the language of this statement.