Hello Goddess!

Yes, you. You are a Goddess.

Hi - I'm Hadley.

I am an S Factor teacher and Fertility Awareness Educator-in-training (on track to graduate in 2022!).

It is my dream/goal/mission to create a safe space for women to access their Innate Goddess, that divine creative energy within - our sexuality.

I believe that sexual energy is the Life Force that feeds us, sustains us, and guides us back to ourselves.

If, like me, you live in a body that menstruates, that identifies as Feminine (not necessarily as Female), that is sensitive to the energies of others, that enjoys taking in the world through the 5+ Senses, then you have probably experienced a SHUT-DOWN of your Feminine Energy at least once in your life.

I was living in my body in a state of disconnect. I was on hormonal birth control (NuvaRing). I was studying to be an actress. I genuinely believed that the way to be taken seriously was to make myself (body and soul) available to everyone around me. I believed that I needed to be in professional competition with everyone around me - particularly members of my own gender. I believed that if I just looked a certain way, if I just did everything right, then I would matter. I suffered from body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and a pervasive sense of not being in control. I didn't know how to just BE. I believed I was too much - and not enough.

Until Fertility Awareness.

Until S Factor.

Fertility Awareness opened my eyes and turned my attention inward to what was going on inside my own body. I stopped being afraid of my monthly cycle - and of getting unexpectedly pregnant! I got off birth control and started balancing my hormonal health. I started creating better boundaries for myself. I learned who and who not to share my energy with. I learned that I could take charge of my fertility (to borrow the title of the book that changed my life) and live an empowered life.

S Factor gave me a safe haven to move, to breathe, to exist as the innately sensual, powerfully Feminine being I had always felt myself as - but never allowed myself to be. Suddenly I had permission to be too much, to be enough, to access my pleasure without shame, to let my body be loud and proud! I started creating better boundaries for myself. I learned who and who not to share my energy with.

These two embodiment practices have woven together to create an empowered lifeway that has brought me home to myself - and I am so excited to share this gift with you!

You, too, can live the empowered life of pleasure, permission and bliss that you know you deserve.

You, too, can awaken the Goddess within.

I dream of a world where all women (and womxn!) feel safe and free to be who they authentically are, regardless of race, gender identity, shape, color, religion or creed.

Where they feel safe to access their unique Erotic Essence, and integrate it into their being, creating a culture of sensual empowerment, embodiment and wholeness.

I imagine a world where the Feminine is celebrated!

We create that world - no one else is going to give us permission to be sensually embodied people! We have to give ourselves and each other that permission.

Join me at Shakti Feminine Movement, where we create that world together.



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