Where We Honor The Sacred Feminine

We want to change the way women/womxn and society think about the Feminine, especially Feminine sexuality, menstruation and rites of passage.  That's why, on every Full and New Moon, we offer a Red Tent gathering.

Red Tents (or Menstrual Huts) are uniquely Feminine spaces that are found in most traditional cultures throughout the world, and are noticeably absent in cultures affected by colonialism.  In many cultures, a woman's bleeding time is considered shameful, a time where she must be separated from the community.  Few cultures offer any celebration for this most central event in a woman's life.

We consider the Red Tent a sacred space, where women bleed, birth, and share our collective wisdom, handing it down through the generations.  We celebrate the beauty, mystery and wisdom of living in a body that menstruates, is no longer menstruating, or has reverence for this uniquely Feminine process.

Guided by the rhythm of the Moon, we will come together to celebrate each other, to share our experiences, ask questions and get some answers.  We will dance our desires, we will move our emotions through our powerful bodies. 

In the Red Tent, we reclaim ourselves and take our place in the endless ancestral line of women - the source of all life.