There is a completely centered, confident, fiercely beautiful woman inside you. You will find her here.

S Factor® is an embodiment & movement practice for women that not only intelligently opens and strengthens the feminine body but also reconnects her to her vitality, sensuality and her core desires. The physical practice is a pathway to an enlivened, empowered life where women learn to own their emotional and erotic truth. This is a journey through your body that arrives at your soul – and never looks back.

S Factor is the movement of feminine. You’ll learn the ancient language of the feminine body, with the lights down low – no mirrors, no judgement, no shame. You’ll meet a uniquely supportive tribe of badass women from all over the globe who have learned the secrets of reclaiming their bodies and turning on their lives. They are the heart and soul of S, and they will inspire you to take up even more space – when you move, when you laugh, when you rage, when you love and yes, when you cry.

S Factor is also a way of life. This is a practice that heals our relationship with our erotic body and in turn begins to heal our body’s relationship with society. Through this work we turn on the brilliant feminine essence that exists in all of us. We celebrate it. We revel in it. And as we see it in ourselves and each other, we bring that light to every relationship we have, to the world around us – and to the world at large.

*Copied with permission from www.sfactor.com