Where will your body take you?

Let's journey together to unravel the mystery of your Erotic Creature.  

S Factor Journeys reveal your sensual genius in Layers, 8 classes per Layer.  Layers 1, 2 and 3 build fluency, fluidity and body-trust; Layers 4, 5, 6 and beyond are about embodying the wisdom your Erotic Creature has revealed to you, and integrating it into a lifelong love affair with yourself.

We will begin with Layer 1.  Over the course of 8 classes, we will play with what music, what clothing, what movements (including pole dance!) turn your body on and lead you to the truth of your Feminine Essence.  We'll peel back, layer by layer, the secret yearnings of your body, cultivating the life of intimacy and freedom that you crave. 

We believe that Body Literacy is the key to Feminine freedom, so as we Journey we'll take note of what your body's needs are that day, to support you in enjoying the most authentic, nourishing and liberating dance practice. 

Unlock the Goddess within.

*Sheila Kelley, founder of S Factor   ---->



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My time with Hadley doing S Factor has been completely life-changing and transformative. I don't even recognize myself in ways, and IT FEELS SO GOOD. Hadley made me feel so beyond safe, supported, and encouraged to explore my body, my pleasure, the full spectrum of my emotions, and my erotic self. I've never really been one to dance or move in a sensual way, but after working with Hadley I've experienced the utter freedom it's given me to truly be in my body and there's no looking back. Get ready for your world to be lit up!