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Happy (almost) First Quarter Moon!

By Hadley Gallen

THU APR 07, 2022

Hi beauty!

As I write this message to you, I'm currently on Cycle Day 25. The First Quarter Moon is on Saturday. I have officially entered my Inner Autumn with a steep slide into sensitivity. This is pretty typical for the Luteal Phase, the last quarter of the Menstrual Cycle.

Of course, we all experience it differently, but for me, I often experience an irrepressible urge to clean my house, retreat into the solitude of a hot bath, and make sure that all my bills are paid, the fridge is stocked and I have nothing to worry about as I enter my bleeding phase next week (Red meat? Check! Chocolate? Check! Magnesium supplements? Check!).

I share this with you because THESE are the kinds of nuances you get to pay attention to when you learn to chart your cycle. You don't have to feel at the mercy of unpredictable symptoms, in the dark about how your body really works, and disenfranchised by a lack of options. Instead, you get to fully embody your body, your fertility and your life!

As our Class Series inches closer, my brain is whirring and my heart is pounding with excitement. In just four classes you'll receive all the tools and information you need to begin your own Fertility Awareness practice and take charge of your fertility! I have found this gift so liberating and I feel honor-bound to share it with you. Because you deserve it.

See you soon!