Unlock the mystery of your Divine Feminine.

At Shakti Feminine Movement, we celebrate, elevate and enliven the Feminine through Cycle Mapping, Body Literacy and Sensual Movement Journeys.

These embodiment practices create a lifestyle of body awareness, self-knowledge, empowerment and sexual sovereignty, a lifestyle that brings a woman to life and liberates the Divine Goddess within.  

Re-Wild your Cycle.

Reclaim your Sexuality.

Reignite your Turn-On.

Revolutionize your Fertility.  

Discover how truly amazing your body is.

About Me

Hi!  I'm Hadley.  I am passionate about movement, sacred sexuality, menstrual health and women's issues.  I became a licensed S Factor teacher in 2020, and am also currently in training as a Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educator.  I serve to weave these elements together in an embodiment lifestyle that all women can enjoy.  I envision a world where all beings are free to be unapologetically themselves. A world where everyone - especially women and folx who menstruate - enjoy a life led by pleasure and informed by body literacy. I see a path to healing our planet, Mother Earth, and it begins with our own bodies.