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I'm Back from Oregon - see you on Saturday!

By Hadley Gallen

WED APR 27, 2022


I am splash-splashing my way out of a positively delicious week with my Cohort in Oregon! It was wet and wild - we got a lot of rain and snow!

Funny thing - my thermometer broke on my first day of traveling! So I've been relying on Cervical Fluid observations this whole time. Cycle Day 16 was my Peak Day, the day I noticed the most fertile-quality cervical fluid followed by a drying-up pattern. Today I'm on Cycle Day 19, which puts me at Peak+3. I'll wait one more day to confirm whether I'm safely outside my Fertile Window.

Maybe you're scratching your head wondering: "Peak+3? Cervical Fluid? Luteal Phase? What the heck is she talking about?" Don't worry - all will be revealed! You too can become fluent in the language of your body's fertility cycle.

Now that I'm home, I am ready to harness this juicy outpouring of creative energy and channel it in my Luteal Phase do deliver a truly life-changing Class Series to you!

In preparation for our Class Series, please ensure that you be able to attend our classes LIVE on:

Saturday April 30th, May 7, 14 and 21 from 1-3pm EST.

Recordings will be available ONLY to those who attend LIVE (unless you have already arranged something with me)!

Time for me to shimmy out of my mermaid suit and return to dry land - see you in a few short days, beautiful!

Sending you all my love,