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Sexual Energy - Reclaiming our Source

By Hadley Gallen

FRI JAN 14, 2022

Sexual Energy. All life begins with it. All creativity is born from it. It is the sacredness of love itself.

When we reconnect with THAT which is our source, we reclaim who we are.

We reclaim our TRUTH, which allows us to TRUST ourselves again.

We reclaim our TURN-ON, which allows us to discern what is a YES and what is a NO for us.

We reclaim our SOVEREIGNTY, which reminds us that are bodies are sacred and not for dominating or being dominated.

Reclaiming our Sexual Energy is NOT an up-and-out experience of transcending the apparent limitations of our bodies, escaping into the mind.

It IS a down-and-in descent into the depths of ourselves, into the steamy, taboo dark of being fully human.

I reconnect with my Source Energy through Sensual Feminine Movement (CLASSES COMING SOOON!). Erotic embodiment reminds me where I came from, what I stand for, and the way back to wholeness.

How do you reclaim? Reconnect? Remember the very source of your alive-ness?