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Thank you, goddeSSS!

By Hadley Gallen

SAT FEB 12, 2022

What a joy to dance with you last night!

We moved. We shared. We witnessed each other's magnificence. We danced and challenged the stories we've been fed about our Sacredness, our Sexiness, our Sovereignty. We made a Vow to ourselves to write a NEW narrative, on our own terms, about who we are. It was beautiful!

And now - the REAL work begins!

Make no mistake, %FIRSTNAME%, the Feminine is rising. All around us. Within us. Can you feel her? Can you see the changing patterns? The Old Paradigm is crumbling, and it will take with it all of those old, toxic stories that no longer serve your best and highest.

Last night, you began to dismantle to false reality you grew up in, and rebuild one of your own making - where you rule supreme! Every day, from now on, you get the chance to write a new story, a New Paradigm, with the charcoal paint you make from the ashes of the Old.

Who is the new Sacred, Sexy, Sovereign woman today? And every day from now on?

Let your body tell you. Let your pleasure lead you to your truth. Follow your YES and claim your place, your throne, the divine seat (asana) from where you write your dreams into reality.

If last night's movement practice spoke to you, I encourage you to follow your YES into my dance classes!

Welcome, Sacred Woman, to the circle of wisdom-keepers.

We've been waiting for you.