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We Begin This Saturday!

By Hadley Gallen

WED APR 27, 2022

April 30th approaches, and the stars are aligned in our favor! And, girl, I am positively SWIMMING from 10 days in Oregon with my FA cohort!

A truly divine union between Venus and Jupiter blesses us as they melt into each other in the dark embrace of this New Moon - the second one in a month! All signs point to - RECEIVE YOUR POWER.

Shakti Cycles will meet for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 1-3pm EST. It is very important that you attend the LIVE class, as recordings will ONLY be available to those who attend Live (unless you have an extenuating circumstance that you have already connected with me about).

Please arrive on time because we have a LOT of liberating and illuminating information to cover in our time together!

I have a very good feeling that your life is about to change.

All my love,