Cycle Mapping.

Re-Wild Your Menstrual Cycle.

Where will your body take you?

There are countless benefits to mapping your cycle!

  • Identify your Fertile Window

  • Predict when your next period will be

  • Time sex accurately for contraception OR conception, depending on your fertility goals

  • Identify underlying fertility/health challenges and receive the support you need

  • Understand the unique rhythm of your cycle so that you can plan your month to support YOU

Cycle Mapping is a highly effective Fertility Awareness Based Method (FABM), as taught by The Well School of Body Literacy. As a Sympto-Thermal Method (STM), Cycle Mapping relies on tracking your

  • Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

  • Cervical Fluid

  • Cervical Position

By tracking these innate fertility biomarkers, you can identify your Fertile Window, or the days in your cycle during which you can potentially conceive. Contrary to what many of us grew up believing, we are not fertile everyday! Typically someone who charts will be fertile about ¼ to ⅓ of the cycle, but that can vary if cycles are irregular.

The difference between Fertility Awareness Method and what many people think of when they think about ‘natural birth control’ (i.e. the Rhythm Method), is that Sympto-Thermal methods rely on daily observations that allow you to answer the question “Am I fertile?” each day, rather than relying on past cycles and calculations to predict future fertility, making it a highly effective method for contraception. The most comprehensive study we have to date gave the ‘SensiPlan’ STM a perfect user rate of 99.6/4% (depending on whether you abstain or use a barrier during the fertile window respectively). That’s a very high efficacy rate!

Fertility Awareness and The Fertility Awareness Method are not the same thing. Fertility Awareness is a lifestyle choice and self-care tool in the larger arena called Body Literacy that involves cultivating a relationship with one’s fertility.  You may choose to practice Fertility Awareness at any phase of the reproductive life cycle, and doing so can help to support you with:

  • Preventing pregnancy

  • Optimizing your chances of getting pregnant

  • Transitioning off of hormonal contraceptives

  • Transitioning through life phases such as puberty, motherhood, menopause and beyond

  • Contraception during breastfeeding

Mapping your cycle empowers you to understand your body and advocate for the healthcare you deserve.  Cycle Mapping can give you the knowledge to support health challenges such as​:

  • Painful periods​

  • Irregular or missing periods

  • PMS and emotional health during challenging cyclical phases

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Food and environmental sensitivities

  • and so much more!

If you think that Cycle Mapping is for you, please consider participating in my upcoming course, Shakti Cycles, which will give you a comprehensive introduction to the technique of Cycle Mapping, and the innate wisdom of your body!